Semen Sales


4 new North Country Cheviot Tups will be available for semen sales in Autumn 2018.  The photos below were taken of these tups 3 days after them being clipped.

IMG_0573 IMG_0574 IMG_0579 IMG_0584 IMG_0585
L-R VIP, Topgun, Tornado, Sunrise L-R VIP, Topgun, Tornado, Sunrise VIP Tornado Topgun
 IMG_0588  IMG_0591  IMG_0593  IMG_0595  IMG_0599
 Tornado Topgun Sunrise Sunrise L-R VIP, Topgun, Tornado
 IMG_0601  IMG_0602  IMG_0609  IMG_0616
 L-R VIP, Topgun, Tornado, Sunrise   L-R VIP, Topgun, Tornado, Sunrise  VIP looking  Sunrise side on

Pedigrees of these 4 tups are below:

Sire: Carruthers Gemini Parental Grandsire: Belmaduthy Napoleon
Top Gun Maternal Sire: Gilston Motorway Maternal Grandsire: Wandylaw President

Top Gun is a long, tall tup with great hair.

Sire: Synton Nevada Patental Grandsire: Allanshaws Aristocrat
Sunrise Maternal Sire: Synton Bullseye Maternal Grandsire: Allanshaws Doubletop

Sunrise is thick set with a great look and wide back.

Sire: Allanshaws Supreme Paternal Grandsire: Allanshaws Rocky
VIP Maternal Sire: Philiphaugh Tevez Maternal Grandsire: Allanshaws George B

VIP is a smart tup with a feminine head and very correct.

Sire: Allanshaws Red Arrow Paternal Grandsire: Synton Bullseye
Tornado Maternal Sire: Ericstane Claymore Maternal Grandsire: Ericstane Newtonmore

Tornado has fantastic hair, very correct and a wide back.

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We have semen available from these 2 Tups, all are ARR/ARR, available for home and abroad. All rams very good legs and feet. Please contact us if interested.

DSCN1413 DSCN1360
Allanshaws Pamsin Philiphaugh Ramires
High EBV top 10% of breed, very long, fantastic carcase. Real quality, fantastic skin, some look.